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Virginia ACTE is an affiliate of the national Association for Career and Technical Education.

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Virginia ACTE is dedicated to expanding relevant and rigorous CTE programs, enhancing leadership among its members, influencing public policy for the benefit of CTE students and professionals, and developing a competitive workforce in the commonwealth of Virginia.

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2023 Virginia General Assembly Bills of Interest
Access the House and Sentate bills related to CTE. 

Virginia General Assembly website

2022–2023 Policy Issues in Brief

View the full 2022–2023 Issues and Solutions for CTE to see solutions to these issues.

  1. Virginia ACTE supports funding that would expand the hiring of work-based learning (WBL) coordinators, who will ensure high-quality WBL opportunities for students and to align these opportunities with the Commonwealth’s Profile of a Virginia Graduate.
  2. Virginia ACTE supports continued funding for industry-recognized standards, assessments, and credentials to strengthen CTE programs, develop staff, and prepare students for our future technical workforce.
  3. Virginia ACTE supports expanded funding for CTE classroom lab equipment and program expansion, as well as funding for the integrated CTE curricula and specialized equipment in Governor’s STEM Academies and Governor’s Health Sciences Academies, to prepare students for a competitive workforce and for postsecondary education and training.
  4. Virginia ACTE supports increased efforts by Virginia’s colleges and universities to develop and, where they already exist, strengthen innovative undergraduate and graduate teacher-preparation programs in CTE.
  5. Virginia ACTE supports continued and expanded funding to sustain the CTE Resource Center and its work to promote college and career readiness through continued integration of secondary and postsecondary CTE curricula with Virginia’s Standards of Learning and alignment with industry and professional standards and certifications.
  6. Virginia ACTE supports the expansion of elementary school CTE career awareness initiatives that create opportunities for student exposure to technical career pathways that encourage awareness, interest, and readiness for secondary CTE programs.

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